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What percentage of members on this site are not Lawyers or Financial Planners?

This should not be a "sales" channel.

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Parental Alienation

I am in my 48th month ... it takes evil to do this to your child and the parent.

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High Net Worth Divorces vs. Typical Divorces

Assets always complicate matters in a divorce. When one or both individuals have a high net worth, the process of divorce becomes long and drawn out. Dividing assets, determining alimony, and the many conversations and legal battles can leave individuals feeling betrayed, resentful, and emotionally distressed. High net worth divorces often highlight the complexity of finances more than a…


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Telling Your Kid About Divorce

Regardless of their age, kids may feel angry at the prospect of mom and dad breaking up. As a parent, you want to see that the process less painful for the children. Talking with your kids will help them cope with divorce as you provide stability in your home and attend to their needs with a loving, positive attitude.

Anyone that has been through a divorce can tell you that it’s not easy even if it…


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Free Seminar: No-Court Solutions to Custody, Separation & Divorce 4.25.15 "Separation Without Fear"

Dear Families:

Join me for an informal discussion about No-Court, holistic resolutions for Custody, Separation and Divorce on


April 25, 2015 from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.  



During this free seminar, I will discuss your family's options, the process of Collaborative Law as well as the support it gives your family and answer your questions about your family's rights…


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Credit and Divorce

When I went through my divorce with my first wife Mindy one of the more uncomfortable aspects was the financial acrimony. To put it simply, my wife and I had acquired a lot of debt. We had to have all the “American Dream” essentials: big-screen TV, hot-tub and swimming pool, nice cars—she drove a BMW and I…


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Avoid Acrimonious Divorces with Children at all Costs

  If you are divorcing with children, be sure to opt for shared parenting and make sure that neither parent speaks negatively about the other parent in earshot of the kids.

   Kids with one primary parent become fearful of what they view as a real possibility of the custodial parent not being around too.  They tend to grab hold of every negative comment made about the non-custodial parent and internalize these comments.  Gradually they believe all the negative things, and the more…


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Tips for Making Child Visitation Schedules

Some of the most challenging aspects of divorce include child custody issues. Determining with whom the children will live requires serious consideration. Visitation schedules make up a large portion of a child custody agreement. In Ohio, the court’s primary interest is finding a plan that serves “the best interest of the child.”

When determining what visitation schedule is…


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Fostering a Family? Budgeting for a Baby and Avoiding Newborn Debt

Life is not about money. Money is simply a medium of exchange and inherent within capitalist societies. But as everyone…


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Moving Out of the Family Home

The Move Out

One of the hardest things to figure out when Divorcing when you have young children is how to handle the “Move Out” of the family home. For me I wanted to avoid my children being traumatized by them seeing their Dad move out which could be construed as “leaving them”.  In fact leaving my children was the last thing I was doing. I had a picture in my mind of…


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Marriage Woes and Your Emergency Fund

Marriage Woes and Your Emergency Fund

Like any marriage, there are going to be fights and disputes. A pretty common one, at least in my household was one that circled around finances.  My husband and I both seemed to work an arm and leg and get barely any time to spend with each other and our children so we could provide for the family, yet every time we would check our bank accounts, we’d just ask “Where did that…


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The Necessary Separation Between Fact and Emotion in Divorce Court

During your stressful, emotional and chaotic times in court, trying to make sure you have everything together and say all of the facts correctly, have you ever felt like you’re just about to lose it and simply want to scream?!

It’s been months and you’ve been trying to get in court against your soon-to-be ex-spouse. So many things have happened and you are extremely worried, scared and nervous as hell. It sickens you to think about what’s happening right now, and you’re…


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Judge Misconduct in Sacramento California Family Court

The family court system in Sacramento, California is featured in the recently released documentary…


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Dr. Leonard Coldwell Opinion Radio Show – Interviews Robert Pikula “Our Children Come First”

Dr. Leonard Coldwell - The World's Leading Authority for Natural Cancer Cures for terminal health conditions as well as Stress Related Illness, Burn Out Syndrome and Management diseases. "Dr. C" as he is known to his fans is also known as one of the leading authorities for Constitutional Law ( Common Law ) Sovereignty and the fight for Liberty and Freedom. He is a thought after champion of the Health Freedom Movement and for the USA Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He was one of the very…


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A good deed

I am a doctoral student and I need 3 more people to answer my online dissertation study. Would you PLEASE (please!!!) take time and answer the entire survey? It would be such a good deed! It has been so hard finding parents who meet the following criteria:

Have you been divorced within the past 3 years? Do you have a child between the ages of 2-5 enrolled in preschool? If so, click here to participate in an anonymous 15 minute survey and…


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Another failing gap within child welfare system

One late evening I received a phone call, Jean on the other line says, I’ve just met a young women that is homeless and she was going on and on about how her ex-boyfriend took her children and left her in the streets. I thought you might be able to help her.

I soon found out she was a victim of the system. ......

Featured on Men's E-News…


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She began to throw whatever she could reach at me.

Chapter 1 - Courting Disaster

The straw that broke the camel's back was one night in particular. My wife stayed out late with the one car we had. She did not bother to call to check in with me. Julie was five months old at the time and getting increasingly sick as the night wore on with a rising fever and had trouble breathing. I wanted to take her with me to the all night pharmacy to see if the pharmacist would recommend some medicine or tell me I should take her to the doctor. I…


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Free Resource page

Hi everyone,

Over the last year I gathered as many links as I could find for my free resource page.

If you go to my web site and click on any of the titles you will get a pdf file to use. Each page has links and contact information to many divorce and self help links that may help you in your situation.

Feel free to use any of this information!

These are the titles of the pages I have:…


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excerpts from CHAPTER 3 of my book

"Our Children Come First"

…………..I had my lawyer write up the papers to get us into court, but before the process was finished, my daughter came home from a visit with bruises on her.

There were finger mark shaped bruises on her waist area, and a long mark on her inner thigh that looked kind of like a rod or bar with the length of about three inches and about 3/4” wide. Julie was very upset when I picked her up, and it took about an hour to get her to stop crying. I had no idea…


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Are families losing the battle with CPS?

After doing some research, I can’t believe how many groups are out there consisting of parents experiencing great pain and suffering because their children were taken away from them. This is happening nationwide, and when it does, it creates a great deal of anger and confusion by the parents – wondering how can this be allowed?…


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Parental Alienation

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