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Men are from Mars: Women are from Venus - John Gray
Once upon a time Martians and Venusians met, fell in love, and had happy relationships together because they respected and accepted each other’s differences. Then they came to Earth and forgot they were from different planets. This phenomenal book helps men and women to realize their differences and communicate their needs in a way that lessens conflict and encourages intimacy.

Act like a Lady, Think like a Man - Steve Harvey
Harvey knows what men really think about love, intimacy, and commitment. In Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, the author, media personality, and stand-up comedian gets serious, sharing his wealth of knowledge, insight, and no-nonsense advice for every good woman who wants to find a good man or make her current love last.

The Cinderella Complex - Colette Dowling
This book is an oldie but a goodie. It shares a lot of truths about how women were raised to be dependent on men and give some or all of their power away, and how to break away from that mindset.

Women Who Run with the Wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Dr. Estés unfolds rich intercultural myths, fairy tales, and stories in order to help women reconnect with the attributes of their instinctual nature. Through the stories and commentaries we retrieve, examine, love, and understand the Wild Woman and hold her against our deep psyches as one who is both magic and medicine.

Becoming Your Spouse's Better Half: Why Differences Make a Marriage Great - Rick Johnson
Having a successful marriage is about loving someone in an unselfish, Christlike manner. Whatever we want out of marriage that is what we have to give to our spouse. Rick Johnson shows couples how to go beyond merely tolerating each other's differences.

Communication Miracles for Couples: Easy and Effective Ways to Create More Love and Less Conflict - Jonathan Robinson
For anyone who wants to enhance their relationship by learning to communicate with less blame and more understanding, Communication Miracles for Couples will show you how. In just a few minutes couples will learn to feel totally loved, stop arguing, improve communication, and other important marriage lessons.

How to Save My Marriage: Little-Known Secrets to Improve Communication in Your Marriage - Bath Banning & Neill Gibson
In this book you'll discover exactly what it takes to experience the love and intimacy you've always wanted— even if you are the only one willing to put effort into making things better. In this book you will discover how to create trust and honesty, stay calm and centered in the face of stress, and express your needs and desires, among other helpful things.

Couple Talk: The Language of Response-Able Partnering - Chick Moorman         
This book will help you to gain Couple Talk strategies, which should help you create a loving, respectful relationship with your partner. A proper style of language and a system of communication will produce a more open and honest connection between the two of you.

Emotional Intelligence for Couples: Simple Ways to Increase the Communication in Your Relationship  - John Lee
Good communication is what makes a relationship healthy; to be able to openly express their own thoughts and feelings, and to better understand their partner's. This book explains basic principles of emotional intelligence to equip you with common-sense ways to express your feelings, allowing you to enjoy greater intimacy, clearer communication, and a deeper connection than you have ever known.

When Your Sex Drives Don't Match: Discover Your Libido Types to Create a Mutually Satisfying Sex Life - Sandra Pertot
Do your partner's sexual needs, expectations, or desires vary widely from your own? While the differences between the two of you can be confusing and stressful, a break-up doesn't have to be imminent. Now, for the first time, this book introduces the ten libido types from the emotionally intimate Sensual type to the physically passionate Erotic Libido.

The Sex-Starved Marriage: Boosting Your Marriage Libido: A Couple's Guide - Michele Weiner Davis
It is estimated that one of every three married couples struggles with problems associated with mismatched sexual desire. Do you? If you want to stop fighting about sex and revitalize your intimate connection with your spouse, then you need this book. The Sex-Starved Marriage will help you understand why being complacent or bitter about ho-hum sex might cost you your relationship.

No More Headaches: Enjoying Sex and Intimacy in Marriage - Juli Slattery
Both husbands and wives can be extremely frustrated by the differences in sexual needs and expectations between them. This frustration manifests itself as fighting, resentment, feelings of either guilt or rejection, and general marital strife. Juli Slattery provides a safe place where women’s questions about sex can be answered.

Marriage And Sex: Marriage Advice On Spicing Up Your Marriage And Marriage Tips About Sex For Married Couples - Suzie Holmes
Sex is just one aspect of marriage, yet often seems to influence the whole thing. Many married couples of the modern day are in a quagmire regarding how to handle sex in their marriages. They have tried figuring things out on their own but it has not borne any fruit. It’s time to read some tips regarding how to handle the department of sex in marriage.

The 10 Conversations You Must Have Before Getting Married (And How To Have Them) - Dr. Guy Grenier
From having kids to careers, family, sex, money, and spirituality, Dr. Grenier concentrates on the most essential topics and offers basic guidelines and instructions that will allow couples to confidently assess the strength of their relationship. Written in an open and accessible tone, and illustrated with real-life case studies, this book arms couples with both practical and effective strategies. 

A Little Bit Married: How to Know When It's Time to Walk Down the Aisle or Out the Door - Hannah Seligson
Today a quarter of unmarried say they are in committed romantic relationships, considered by many to be a rite of passage. Through interviews with current and former “A Little Bit Marrieds” and numerous experts Seligson provides advice for a generation of daters struggling to understand the emotional and practical realities of relationships that are post-“Let’s Do It!” and the pre-“I Do!”

1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married - Monica Leahy
This book offers a reality check for couples on the marriage path, helping them realize how much they still have discover about their partner's nature. These questions are posed in a variety of fun formats, including multiple choice and fill-in-the-blanks, and include topics like, "Does your partner feel that you're too attached to your parents?" and "Is there such a thing as innocent flirting?”

Before You Plan Your Wedding...Plan Your Marriage - Dr. Greg Smalley, Erin Smalley and Steve Halliday
Authors Greg and Erin Smalley open their hearts and share their lives in this book so that you can know not only how to build a marriage that will last, but also how to have the kind of marriage where you and your spouse feel safe, honored, and valued. Learn what's more important than finding your soul mate and the significance of happiness in your union.

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts - Les Parrott and Leslie Parrott
This book is the first comprehensive marriage preparation program specifically designed for today's couples. The authors are no ordinary couple, and they reveal the flaws and foibles of their own relationship in order to show how challenging— and rewarding— marriage can be. Most importantly, they share a dream of equipping couples to prepare for lifelong marriage before it even starts.

Troubled Marriage

Marriage Rules: A Manual for the Married and the Coupled Up - Harriet Lerner
This marriage book provides couple’s therapy in a unique format perfect for today’s world. It features more than one hundred rules that cover all the hot spots in long-term relationships, which include new relationship advice to age-old problems (“He won’t talk”/“She doesn’t want sex”) as well as modern ones (your partner’s relationship with technology).

Love Busters: Protecting Your Marriage from Habits That Destroy Romantic Love - Willard F. Jr. Harley
How spouses treat each other has a tremendous bearing on the success and failure of marriage. In this completely updated and revised edition of Love Busters, Willard F. Harley, Jr., helps couples identify and overcome the most common habits that destroy the feeling of love, including selfish demands, disrespectful judgments, angry outbursts, dishonesty, annoying habits, and thoughtless behavior.

Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships: Healing the Wound of the Heart - John Welwood
Why, if love is so great and powerful, are human relationships so challenging and difficult? If love is the source of happiness and joy, why is it so hard to open up to it fully and let it govern our lives? In this book, John Welwood addresses these questions and shows us how to overcome the most fundamental obstacle that keeps us from experiencing love's full flowering in our lives.

Ten Lessons to Transform Your Marriage: America's Love Lab Experts Share Their Strategies for Strengthening Your Relationship - John Gottman Ph.D., Julie Schwartz Gottman and Joan DeClaire
This is a body of work that’s based on 2 simple truths: Happily married couples behave like good friends, and they handle their conflicts in gentle, positive ways. The authors offer an intimate look at ten couples who have learned to work through potentially destructive problems and examine what they’ve done to improve communication and get their marriages back on track.

Marriage Rescue: Overcoming Ten Deadly Sins in Failing Relationships - Gary Direnfeld
By exploring each of the “10 Deadly Sins,” you will learn how to unravel the problems associated with them. By learning to forget your ego and accepting your contribution to the issues, you will learn where your problems stem from, and how to craft solutions and skills to develop effective strategies to address the issues harming your marriage.

All You Need Is Love And Other Lies About Marriage: How to Save Your Marriage Before It's Too Late - John W Jacobs
Once we recognize the new realities of marriage and confront the lies we believe we can reverse marital problems before it's too late. Part of the problem is that we tend to forget to engage in the constant hard work required to keep our marriages alive. This book is a reminder that talking things out always works, people don’t change, and that in bed you’re safe from outside influences.

My Foot Is Too Big for the Glass Slipper: A Guide to the Less Than Perfect Life - Gabrielle Reece
In 1997, Gabrielle Reece married the man of her dreams—professional surfer Laird Hamilton—in a flawless Hawaiian ceremony. Naturally, the couple filed for divorce four years later. In the end they worked it out, but not without the ups and downs, minor hiccups, and major setbacks that beset every modern family.

Fall in Love for Life: Inspiration from a 73-Year Marriage - Barbara "Cutie" Cooper, Chinta Cooper and Kim Cooper 
In a world of 72-day celebrity marriages, a 73-year marriage is nearly unimaginable. Against all odds, Cutie and Harry Cooper persevered through 7 decades of marriage, all while keeping their sense of humor and connection intact. Here, Cutie tells their story and gives advice on how to know if you've met "the one," the art of fighting fair, and everything else that goes into staying blissfully bonded.

The Journal of Best Practices: A Memoir of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome, and One Man's Quest to Be a Better Husband - David Finch
Five years after David Finch married Kristen they learned that he has Asperger syndrome. Determined to change, David set out to understand his mental state and learn to be a better husband. David devoted himself to improving his marriage with an endearing yet hilarious zeal that involved excessive note-taking, performance reviews, and most of all, the writing of this book.

Partners in Spirit: What Couples Say about Marriages That Work - Heather Cardin
An inspiring collection of stories based on interviews with more than 40 couples who share their thoughts about why their marriages work. Many of the couples interviewed are members of the Baha'i Faith, and most of them believe that spirituality is an important component of marital success. All those interviewed speak frankly from the perspective of life's greatest teacher: experience.

Babyproofing Your Marriage: How to Laugh More and Argue Less As Your Family Grows - Stacie Cockrell
This book is the warts-and-all truth about how having children can affect your relationship. The transition to parenthood can be a tough adjustment for any couple, but there are hundreds of simple but effective ways you can stay connected as husband and wife and still be good parents. Its approach to both sides of the marital equation allows spouses to understand each other in a whole new way.

To Raise Happy Kids, Put Your Marriage First - David Code
All parents want their children to be happy, but many couples today go too far, letting everything revolve around their kids. This hurts the children and the marriage. Drawing from the latest research in neuroscience and his study of families around the world, David Code explains why putting your marriage first actually produces happier kids, and a more successful relationship with your spouse. 

Partnership Parenting: How Men and Women Parent Differently - Why It Helps Your Kids and Can Strengthen Your Marriage - Kyle Pruett and Marsha Pruett
Men and women not only have naturally different communication styles, but unique approaches to parenting as well. Partnership Parenting offers a new outlook that features strategies for negotiating common “landmine situations” from birth to age eight, from discipline and bedtime to helping kids with homework and teaching them responsibility.

Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids - Kim John Payne and Lisa M. Ross
Today’s busier, faster society is waging an undeclared war on childhood, which can make children anxious, have trouble with friends and school, or even be diagnosed with behavioral problems. Now internationally renowned family consultant Kim John Payne helps parents reclaim for their children the space and freedom that they need for their attention to deepen and their individuality to flourish.

The World Needs Your Kid: How to Raise Children Who Care and Contribute - Craig Kielburger, Marc Kielburger and Shelley Page
Inside this guide to parenting is a profound philosophy that encourages children to become global citizens. Drawing on life lessons and success stories Marc and Craig Kielburger demonstrate how small actions make a difference in the life of a child and ultimately change the world.

Why Do Families Break Up? - Jane Bingham
This book looks at the reasons people divorce and discusses the stages a family goes through when a marriage breaks up. It also considers how different family members can cope with the painful effects. Case studies, quotes, and color photos help personalize the issues, and the final chapters focus on the successful adjustment and satisfying lives that members of the family can eventually experience.

The Marriage Problem: How Our Culture Has Weakened Families - Q. Wilson James and James Q. Wilson
Research shows how the erosion of family life has damaged children's futures, leading to school dropouts, teenage pregnancy, and a greater likelihood of emotional problems and criminal activity. With precision and persuasiveness, he reveals the sources of today's crisis– from the glittering ideals of the Enlightenment to the shameful practice of American slavery– while also offering bold solutions.

The Family Virtues Guide: Simple Ways to Bring Out the Best in Our Children and Ourselves - Linda Kavelin Popov, Dan Popov and John Kavelin
Through a collection of 52 virtues, one for each week of the year, the authors of this book instruct parents on how to teach morals and ethics to their young children, including such values as trust, caring, humility, and generosity.

The Secrets Of Happy Families: Surprising New Ideas to Bring More Togetherness, Less Chaos, and Greater Joy - Bruce Feiler
A blueprint for modern families and a new approach to family dynamics inspired by cutting-edge techniques gathered from experts in the disciplines of science, business, sports, and the military. The result is a playbook for contemporary families, with more than 200 useful strategies, including the right way to have family dinner and what your mother never told you about sex (but should have).

Marriage & Money: How to Successfully Balance Your Marriage and Finances (Love Lockdown Series) - Steve Cain
If money seems to rule your world then this book can help you discover just how dangerous financial matters can be for any couple that lacks a sound money management system. The author also offers a solution to this problem that will help any couple to overcome emotional issues related to money and establish a sound system for managing the family finances.

The Five Money Personalities: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language - Scott Palmer and Palmer Bethany Palmer
When the two of you don’t see eye-to-eye on how much to spend or how much to save, that’s when arguments turn into ugly toxic fights that leave both people feeling hurt and angry. It’s why money has become the #1 cause of divorce in the U.S. Once you know your Money Personality, you can get to the root of money arguments and really start working together.

Money and Marriage - Making It Work Together: Guide to Smart Money Management and Harmonious Communications - Steven Pybrum
The award winning, groundbreaking book for married couples having difficulty discussing the money issues of their married household, this is a resource that thoroughly discusses relationship skills and financial planning concepts. 85% of all married households have difficulties talking about and connecting about their money issues, and this book can help you change that for your family.

Love Marriage & Money: Understanding and Achieving Financial Compatibility Before— And After— You Say "I Do" - Alan Lavine and Gail Liberman
This acclaimed book is a one-stop guide to everything you need to know about your finances before, during, and after a commitment. Powerful, yet fun to read, this is the first book to blend psychological, legal, and financial information into the essential resource for anyone managing money and a relationship.

The Heart of Money: A Couple's Guide to Creating True Financial Intimacy - Deborah Price
Deborah Price has written a book that can help couples understand and deal with money like no other. If you have been looking for a book that helps couples understand the power of money and how it can help and heal their relationship, then The Heart of Money can provide you with a platform in which to communicate about finances. It also provides essential tools to work with on a daily basis. 

First Comes Love Then Comes Money: A Couple's Guide to Financial Communication - Bethany Palmer
The number one cause for divorce is financial infidelity. This book tells you how to cut down on that by teaching you how to diagnose your level of financial infidelity, identify your individual Money Personality, master the Money Huddle and the Money Dump, and achieve financial goals once and for all.

NOT "Just Friends": Rebuilding Trust and Recovering Your Sanity After Infidelity - Shirley Glass and Jean Coppock Staeheli 
Dispelling common myths with compelling new research and case studies, NOT “Just Friends” is a groundbreaking chronicle of what occurs before, during, and after an affair: the danger signs, the vulnerabilities of even good marriages, and the step-by-step road to healing and protecting monogamy in the aftermath.

Surviving Infidelity: Making Decisions, Recovering from the Pain - Rona B. Subotnik and Gloria Harris  
The betrayal, rage, sadness, and jealousy is unlike anything you've experienced before, and yet it is possible to move forward, decide what to do in your marriage, and, most importantly, heal. This book provides you with strategies to understand the different kinds of affairs and why they happen, including information on Internet and emotional affairs and learning what it takes to be a survivor.
The Monogamy Gap: Men, Love, and the Reality of Cheating - Eric Anderson 
Men desiring monogamy is rooted in the notion that monogamy exists as a sign of true love, yet despite this deeply held cultural ideal cheating remains rampant. Anderson identifies cheating as a product of wanting emotional passion for one's partner, along with a steadily growing desire for emotionally-detached recreational sex with others; he also explores how we can deal with it.

Living and Loving After Betrayal: How to Heal from Emotional Abuse, Deceit, Infidelity, and Chronic Resentment - Steven Stosny
Author Steven Stosny believes that individuals and societies are more powerful when compassionate than when angry or aggressive, and that true strength comes from relating compassionately to others and remaining true to your deeper values. In this book you’ll learn practical strategies for overcoming betrayal-induced trauma and chronic resentment using this compassionate approach. 

Close Calls: What Adulterers Want You to Know About Protecting Your Marriage - Dave Carder 
Never say never, because just when you think your marriage is safe from adultery is when you may be the most vulnerable. Now, with eye-opening stories, clinical insights, and up-to-date data, Dave Carder reveals what adulterers have learned the hard way, and want the rest of us to know. For example, every spouse has a "Dangerous Partner Profile" of the kind of person who tempts them.

Considering Divorce

Contemplating Divorce: A Step-by-Step Guide to Deciding Whether to Stay or Go - Susan Gadoua 
There are right and wrong reasons to marry, and there are good and bad reasons to divorce. Some couples split because they are unwilling to devote the necessary effort to fixing their relationships, while others miss out on personal fulfillment by staying too long in unhealthy marriages. This insightful guide will help you evaluate your marriage to determine whether you should stay or go.
Divorce For Dummies - John Ventura and Mary Reed 
Since Divorce For Dummies, 2nd Edition published in 2005, there have been considerable changes in collaborative divorces, common law marriages, same sex marriages, visitation, and even custody laws (from children to pets). Divorce For Dummies, 3rd Edition includes 25 percent new, revised, and refreshed material covering all of the above.
Healthy Divorce: Keys to Ending Your Marriage While Preserving Your Emotional Well-Being - Lois Gol 
Most divorcing couples want to end their marriage in a manner that preserves their dignity and emotional health, especially if there are children in the picture. This book provides them with the tools to more peacefully negotiate the difficult process of divorce. Filled with checklists, exercises, and rituals this book should prove valuable to those who are contemplating divorce or going through divorce.

Graceful Divorce Solutions: A Comprehensive and Proactive Guide to Saving You Time, Money, and Your Sanity - M. Marcy Jones and Carolyn Ellis
This is your essential and comprehensive guide to help you successfully navigate the challenges of divorce. You will find answers to these questions: What's wrong with the way most people divorce? If I don't want to go to court, what are my other choices? What actions can I take to keep the most cordial relationship possible with my spouse? What if I just can't talk to my spouse at all?

Surviving Your Divorce: A Guide To Canadian Family Law Michael G. Cochrane
In this book, family law expert Michael G. Cochrane, LL.B., answers questions such as: What are my rights? What will happen to the children? How much does divorce cost? Surviving Your Divorce is a non-technical book that explains the legal options available to married, common-law, and same-sex couples going through separation or divorce.

Renegotiating Family Relationships, Second Edition: Divorce, Child Custody, and Mediation - Robert E. Emery, PhD
Robert E. Emery describes how to help parents navigate the emotional and legal hurdles of this painful family transition while protecting their children's well-being. The book is grounded in research on family relationships, parenting, and children's adjustment. It also reflects the latest psychological research, as well as divorce and custody law, and understanding divorcing partners' anger and grief. 

Ontario Divorce Kit - David I. Botnick
The Ontario Divorce Kit will lead you through the process, form-by-form, and answer questions you might have along the way. To fill out the forms, you will need to have read the guide to understand: grounds for divorce, separation and divorce tax aspects, document preparation, custody of children, and maintenance (alimony) payments.

Your Divorce Advisor: A Lawyer and a Psychologist Guide You Through the Legal and Emotional Landscape of DivorceDiana Mercer and Marsha Kline Pruett
From your first thought of divorce through to the final paperwork, this book takes you step by step toward a divorce that dissolves the marriage but not your dignity or your financial security. Whether you hire a lawyer or do it yourself, this practical, direct, and empowering guide offers you the counsel you need for both the legal and emotional processes of ending your marriage.

The Law and Economics of Marriage and Divorce - Antony W. Dnes and Robert Rowthorn
The book discusses the possible adverse consequences emanating from faulty legal design, while demonstrating that good family law should provide incentives for consistent and honest behavior. Economists, specialists in the economic analysis of law, and academic lawyers discuss recent advances in specialized studies of marriage, cohabitation, and divorce.

Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce - Violet Woodhouse and Dale Fetherling
Couples going through divorce are faced with an overwhelming number of financial decisions. Should they sell the house? What happens to retirement benefits? How will they handle their taxes? Divorce & Money guides them through these decisions, with advice on how to walk away from marriage in good financial health.

Divorce After 50: Your Guide to the Unique Legal & Financial Challenges - Janice Green Attorney
Divorce rates are soaring among seniors, but the legal and emotional challenges you face as an older adult are different from those that apply to younger divorcees. That's why you need Divorce After 50, the only guide around that addresses the challenges unique to your age group, written by an attorney who specializes in divorce among the over-50 age group.
Essential Finance Series: Divorce and Finances - Stephanie I. Blum and Marc Robinson
Taking a clear, concise approach to money management, this series provides a practical and impartial resource to guide you through important financial decisions. Useful questionnaires pinpoint one's financial status while easy-to-use charts and graphs help track cash flow. Cut through the complexities of financial lingo and gain the confidence needed to build real financial security.
Divorce: How to Help Yourself and Your Finances - Sarah Pennells
Divorce is not only becoming more common, it is becoming more complicated, too. Unravelling joint finances can be a major headache and there is often uncertainty— on both sides— about what each party may be entitled to. This book offers anyone contemplating divorce a practical, step-by-step guide to what they can expect.

Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family - Stephen Baskerville 
This book explores the greatest and most destructive civil rights abuse in America today, describing the way family courts and Soviet-style bureaucracies trample basic civil liberties, entering homes uninvited and taking away people's children at will. They claim that no parent, child, or family in America is safe, and that the legal industry does not want you to hear this story. 

Healing a Child's Heart After Divorce: 100 Practical Ideas for Families, Friends and Caregivers - Alan D. Wolfelt PhD and Raelynn Maloney PhD
Contending that children can continue to thrive if they are shown the way, this sensitive guide provides 100 practical suggestions for supporting them. Aimed at assisting a wide range of adults, the methods presented are ideal not just for parents but many other as well. This handbook is essential for helping sons and daughters navigate the inevitable array of confusing thoughts and feelings.

Smart Parenting During and After Divorce: The Essential Guide to Making Divorce Easier on Your Child - Peter Favaro
As a court-appointed child custody evaluator for 15 years, Dr. Peter Favaro is uniquely qualified to write this must-have guide for parents going through divorce. As a child psychologist, he understands the effects divorce can have on families, especially when difficult exes, lawyers, visitation schedules, and other issues directly affect the child.

We're Still Family: What Grown Children Have to Say About Their Parents' Divorce - Constance Ahrons
What is the real legacy of divorce? Challenging the stereotype that children of divorce are emotionally troubled, drug abusing, academically challenged, and otherwise failing, Dr. Ahrons reveals that most children can and do adapt, and that many even thrive in the face of family change.

Reconcilable Differences: Marriages End. Families Don't. - Cate Cochran
Written in part due to the author’s experience of splitting her house in two during her divorce, where she lived upstairs, her husband lived downstairs, and their children floated in between. This book explores the lives of ten "successfully failed" marriages where the parents have done all they can to reconfigure their families after divorce in order to protect their children.

Happily Ever After Marriage: A Reinvention in Mid-life - Sarah Hampson
Hampson uses her newfound vantage point outside the “marriage bubble” to bravely explore the institution of matrimony. She applies her famously warm, perceptive and frequently hilarious perspective not only to her own marriage experience, but also to those of her family and friends, along with the myriad celebrities she has interviewed in more than a decade of journalism.

Not Your Mother's Divorce: A Practical, Girlfriend-to-Girlfriend Guide to Surviving the End of a Young Marriage - Kay Moffett and Sarah Touborg
While your parents, friends, and lawyers may be chock-full of advice, the truth is that young women who divorce today face a brand-new set of issues and possibilities far removed from those of women a generation before. Based on the experiences of more than thirty women who divorced in their twenties and thirties without children, this book offers plenty of camaraderie and practical counsel.

Surviving Separation And Divorce - Loriann Hoff Oberlin
The weeks following your separation may prove to be the most difficult weeks of your life, but with a little help and support you'll find the strength you need to get through the divorce process and move on. Author Loriann Hoff Oberlin, M.S., a survivor of divorce herself, shares her personal experience as well as her professional expertise as she shows you how to rebuild your life, step by step.

When I Do Becomes I Don't: Practical Steps for Healing During Separation and Divorce - Laura Petherbridge
One of the only Christian books to offer practical answers to questions about divorce, this book addresses questions readers going through divorce need answered, like: How do I find where I belong when I no longer know my identity?; If my spouse asks for forgiveness, should I go back?; If I get an attorney, will my spouse think I'm giving up on our marriage forever?

Happy Divorce (How to turn your divorce into the most brilliant and rewarding opportunity of your life!) - Rosanna Condoleo
The first part is more spiritual and helps to manage the stress of divorce, lighten your emotional burden, regain your sense of control over your future, and set goals in every sphere of your life. The second part offers hundreds of tips and tricks to cope with critical/sensitive issues connected with divorce, like work, public image, divorce lawyers, social networks, family, friends, home, health, etc.


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