The devastation of a divorce far outweighs the issues that arise between a couple that "Vowed"- PROMISED to Love each other "in sickness, and health", "wealth and struggle", "happiness and strife"! So where did that all go? I know I certainly was not crossing my fingers or calculating a short term scheme seeking something more appealing to came along or contriving with long time 'friends' to secure whatever I could and get out!   I stood 'with' the man I LOVE before witnesses and the officiant, content clear to my soul, holding sacred the vows presented as we entered our marriage.
What followed suggests hidden agendas for more than year. His failure to see that a karmic force is financially draining him drawn by the insistence of his creator and subconscious mentor.
Unfortunate that some people can't except "true love", that they have craved, when everyday life becomes too boring and repetitive. Instead they initiate their own destruction, use the law to hide their behaviors and blame the ones who bestow honest Love upon them then reject all they have sought out.
In the end there is still craving and the rejected is destroyed emotionally, paralyzed, or adopts  "protective" behaviors which have the potential to lead into a sick cycle of rejecting and craving.
What happened to those "Christian" values to support and promote marriage as the "traditional" counselor and "family" who supports their fellow parishioners and neighbors?  Love and sincerity will be crucified and destroyed while the self righteous predators move on to their next, unsuspecting, tender soul, oblivious to carnage behind them. 

Why is it so difficult to promote marriages and families by instilling tools to resolve issues?  Is that profit at the expense of marital and familial demise so great?  Has honesty taken a back seat to feeding the egos with a false sense that they will be victorious in their destruction?  

Divorce is a time when emotions are in and out of orbit.  The couple involved are vulnerable to extreme financial and familial loss. It is a time when the rejected are at risk of more devastation from homelessness to suicide.  Nobody Wins EXCEPT the attorneys and their families. 

If those who make devastating choices realized that all it takes is a kind heart, willingness to "play nice", admit to their own issues, accept real love and supportive efforts of their spouse.  The potential for a better life is with the person they are rejecting.  

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There are so many issues that need to be dealt with here, i recommend you speak to someone professional who can help you oit.

Going through a divorce is rough. It is a tough case because it is not only legal, but very emotional. A good lawyer will understand your situation as well as your feelings. The lawyers useful source can help you with splitting all belongings, keeping your belongings you are not willing to give up and can set you up with a separate case for child custody and child support. There are many tricky things that can loop hole and sabotage your case. That is why you have to make sure you have a good lawyer that can catch those things before they ruin your chance to win.

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