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What is the best way to navigate divorce and/or separation?

As a private mediator, I work with families in conflict.  Many of my clients are in the process of divorce or separation?  They seek out mediation (and my services) because they believe - as do I - that mediation is a the best way to navigate divorce and/or separation.  Still, I wonder what you think.  Do you think mediation is a better process than lawyering up and going to court for your divorce or separation? Are there other ways to navigate divorce and/or separation? I'd love to hear…

Dividing property in separation

I bought my apartment during our marriage. The apartment is under my name and my mom's name. I own 99% of it (1% my mothers). I understand that this is still considered "family property" since it was bought during our marriage.

My husband and I had an understanding and i was very explicit to him that the apartment was mine and my family's property and not his when I purchased it. However, I understand that after divorce or separation, the spouse can claim half of family property.…


Preparing for Separation and Divorce

Started by Linda C. Senn in Public Forums. Last reply by Jordan Smallville Jul 22. 3 Replies

The following excerpt is from Chapter 1 of "Your Pocket Divorce Guide." The rest of the chapter expands on each of the 11 points. These are especially valuable for the Leaver who fears a violent outburst from the soon-to-be-ex over the move from the…Continue

Cheating...not there yet but considering...

Started by Bob in Public Forums. Last reply by Martha Chan Jul 20. 10 Replies

I'm more and more thinking about some extra-marital experience. My marriage is a wreck  for many years now and i feel like i need a breath of wind. I know it's not a solution in itself but i'm starting to think about it... I feel guilty...and…Continue


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